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Biomedical Engineering (EM CEMACUBE)

Code Name
17AMBAF1 Anatomy and Physiology I
17AMBAF2 Anatomy and Physiology II.
17AMBAOL Applied Optoelectronics in Medicine
17AMBBCH Biochemistry
17AMBBLS Biological Signals
17AMBBB Biomechanics and Biomaterials
17AMBBTR Biotransport
17AMBLT Clinical Laboratory Instrumentation
17AMBCC1 Czech for Foreigners I
17AMBCC2 Czech for Foreigners II
17AMBPNK Design&Construction of Medical Devices/Practical Exercises
17AMBDP Diploma Thesis
17AMBSDP Diploma Thesis Proposal
17AMBPDP Diploma Thesis Proposal
17AMBAEM Electromagnetic Field in Medicine
17AMBJAA English Language A
17AMBJAB English Language B
17AMBSPT Equipment for Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation
17AMBEBI Ethics in Biomedical Engineering
17AMBVOB Fiber Optics for Biomedicine
17AMBZMB Fundamentals of Molecular Biology
17AMBZPD Fundamentals of Pathophysiology&Diagnostic Methods
17AMBZAO Image Processing and Analysis
17AMBOSD Image Sensors, Displays, Cathode-ray Tubes and Projection Systems
17AMBZS Imaging Systems
17AMBZMI Ionizing Radiation Imaging
17AMBALB Laser Applications in Biomedicine
17AMBLTX Latex
17AMBZMR Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Impedance Tomography
17AMBLPZ1 Medical Devices&Equipment I.
17AMBLPZ2 Medical Devices&Equipment II
17AMBMDT Methodology and Design of Randomized Controlled Trials
17AMBMPZ Methods and Devices for Processing, Compression and Recording of Image Signal
17AMBMMM Microscopy in Medicine
17AMBZSN Nuclear Medicine Imaging Systems
17AMBOP Practical Training Placement (Hospital Homolka - individual agreement is possible)
17AMBNMP Project Proposal and Management
17AMBTTE Television, Thermovision and Endoscopic Imaging Systems
17AMBUDS Ultrasound and Doppler Imaging Systems
17AMBPIZ Work with Information Sources and Research Methodology