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Biomedical Engineering

Code Name
F7ADIPMDZ Advanced Methods of Diagnostics and Correction of Vision
F7ADIPBA Advanced Microprocessor Based Biomedical Applications
F7ADIAMI Advances in Microwave Imaging
F7ADIAB Analytical Biochemistry
F7ADIAMSD Architecture and Methods of Data Collection and Evaluation of Behavioural Models of Every Day Activ.
F7ADIBPRP Basic Principles for Research Project
F7ADIBFM Biochemical and Physical Methods in Medicine
F7ADIBM Biomechanics
F7ADIBE Biomedical Ethics
F7ADIBMC Biophysical Modeling in Cardiology
F7ADIBTRM Biotechnologies,Regenerative Medicine,Tissue Engineering,Biomaterials and Nanotechnologies,Biosensor
F7ADIBMT Biothermodynamics and Mass Transfer
F7ADIZ2D Digital 2D Biosignal Processing
F7ADIZJB Digital Processing of 1D Signals
F7ADIEC Electroceuticals for Electrical and Magnetic Neurostimulation Therapies
F7ADIVMS Embedded and Mobile Systems in Health Care
F7ADIEBM Evidence-based Medicine
F7ADICZS Implementation of digital signal processing
F7ADIIS Information Technology in Health Care
F7ADIICE Introduction to Clinical Electrocardiology
F7ADILAKS Laboratory Automation, Management of Cultivation Systems
F7ADIMDM Medial Desicion Making
F7ADIMDR Medical Device Regulation (MDR)
F7ADIMMS Medical Microwave Sensing
F7ADIMEMS MEMS Systems in Biological Applications and Nanotechnologies
F7ADIMUNB Methods of Determination of Bio Measurement Uncertainties
F7ADIMZKS Methods of Imaging Tissue Cultures and Biological Structures
F7ADIBKDS Methods of Work with a Cell Culture and Dynamic Systems
F7ADIMH Microwave Hyperthermia
F7ADIMMI Microwave Medical Imaging: from Basics to Application
F7ADIMTA Microwave Thermal Ablation for Cancer Therapy
F7ADIMSM Modeling and Simulation in Medicine
F7ADIMF Modelling in Physiology
F7ADIMZFD Multidimensional Processing of Physiological Data
F7ADINEIA Nonlinear and Information Analysis in Biomedicine
F7ADINM Numerical Modelling in Medical Therapy and Diagnostics
F7ADIOM Optical Methods, Technologies and Instruments for Biomedicine
F7ADIPPCS Physiology and Pathophysiology of Cardiovascular System
F7ADIZAB Processing and Analysis of Biosignals
F7ADIVZ Public Health
F7ADIKHRP Quantification and Assessment of Rehabilitation Process
F7ADIRI Rehabilitation engineering
F7ADIRE Requirement Engineering
F7ADIMVBI Research Methodology in Biomedical Engineering
F7ADIFP Selected Chapters from Human Physiology and Pathophysiology
F7ADISPL Specifics, Parameters and Limitations of Imaging Systems in Health Care