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F7ADIOM - Optical Methods, Technologies and Instruments for Biomedicine

Code Completion Credits Range Language
F7ADIOM ZK 20P+8C English
Jiří Novák (guarantor)
Jiří Novák (guarantor)
Department of Natural Sciences

The course is focused on the description of basic principles of optics, optical systems and methods, technologies, and instruments for various applications (imaging, diagnostics, therapeutics) in biomedical engineering.

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Physical fundamentals of optical wave fields, generation and detection of optical radiation. Fundamentals of photodetection.

2.Teoretical description and modelling of transport of energy of optical wave fields. Interaction of light with matter, radiation pressure, dispersion, absorption, and scattering od light.

3.Diffraction of light and theory of optical imaging. Aberrations of optical systems.

4.Analysis and modelling of properties of optical systems. Fundamentals of design of optical systems for imaging, diagnostics, and measurements in biomedicine.

5.Principles of design of microscopes, endoscopes, confocal and scanning imaging and diagnostic systems in biomedical instruments.

6.Fundamentals of polarization properties of optical systems. Measurements of polarization properties of light.

7.Fundamentals of crystal optics. Liquid crystals. Radiometry, photometry, and spectral properties of optical systems.

8.Technology of active and adaptive optics – principle, design, modelling, and applications

Syllabus of tutorials:

1.Physical principles of selected optical and optoelectronic instruments and their applications in biomedicine

2.Present technology of fabrication and metrology of classical and non-classical optics.

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