Biomedical Technology (from AY 20/21)

Code Name
F7ABBALP Algorithmic and Programming Theory
F7ABBAZC Algorithms for Biosignals Processing in the C Language
F7ABBAF1 Anatomy and Physiology I.
F7ABBAF2 Anatomy and Physiology II.
F7ABBBP Bachelor Thesis
F7ABBSBP Bachelor Thesis Seminar
F7ABBBCH Biochemistry
F7ABBBLS Biological Signals
F7ABBBLG Biology
F7ABBBB Biomechanics and Biomaterials
F7ABBAZD Biomedical Data Analysis and Processing
F7ABBBFT Biophotonics
F7ABBCHM Chemistry
F7ABBLT Clinical Laboratory Instrumentation
F7ABBKT Communication Technology
F7ABBKZS Conventional Imaging Systems
F7ABBPNK Design and Construction of Medical Devices/Practical Exercises
F7ABBDIZ Detectors of Ionizing Radiation
F7ABBEZP Economics of Health Services
F7ABBEM Electrical Measurements
F7ABBEMP Electromagnetic Fields of Living Organisms
F7ABBEO Electronic Circuits
F7ABBELF Electrophysiology
F7ABBA3A English Language IIIA (part 1)
F7ABBA3B English Language IIIB (part 2)
F7ABBSPT Equipment for Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation
F7ABBEBI Ethics in Biomedical Engineering
F7ABBPP First Aid
F7ABBZP Fundamentals of Pathology
F7ABBROP Guided Practical Training
F7ABBHE Hygiene and Epidemiology
F7ABBZOD Image Data Processing
F7ABBISZ Information Systems in Health Care
F7ABBITP Integral Calculus
F7ABBUSS Introduction to Signals and Systems
F7ABBZLN Legislation in Health Care and Technical Standards
F7ABBLAD Linear Algebra and Differential Calculus
F7ABBMAZ Management and Admininistration in Health Care
F7ABBESP Management of Health Care Technology
F7ABBMAT Marketing of Medical Technology
F7ABBMEC Mechanics
F7ABBLPZ1 Medical Devices and Equipment I. (Diagnostic Devices)
F7ABBLPZ2 Medical Devices and Equipment II. (Therapeutical Devices)
F7ABBMT Medical Terminology
F7ABBMTB Microprocessors in Biomedicine
F7ABBMDT Microwave Diagnostics and Therapy
F7ABBMS Modelling and Simulation
F7ABBFVP Multivariable Calculus
F7ABBPPS Patient and Device Simulators and Testers
F7ABBFCH Physical Chemistry
F7ABBMFJ Physical Phenomena Modeling in COMSOL MULTIPHYSICS
F7ABBFY1 Physics I.
F7ABBFY2 Physics II.
F7ABBSEL Power Engineering
F7ABBPMS Probability and Mathematical Statistics
F7ABBPPM1 Programming in Matlab I.
F7ABBPPM2 Programming in Matlab II.
F7ABBPPP Programming Tools
F7ABBNMP Project Proposal and Management
F7ABBOIZ Protection Against Ionizing Radiation
F7ABBPSL Psychology
F7ABBMVP Research Methodology
F7ABBRBL Robotics in Medicine
F7ABBBOZP Safety Regulations and Standards in Electrical Engineering
F7ABBSJ Scripting Languages
F7ABBSPR1 Semestral Project I.
F7ABBSPR2 Semestral Project II.
F7ABBSM Sensors in Medicine
F7ABBTA Technical Audiology
F7ABBTEL Theory of Electrical Engineering
F7ABBTZS Tomographical Imaging Systems
F7ABBVBI Virtual Bioinstrumentation