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F7ABBZP - Fundamentals of Pathology

Code Completion Credits Range Language
F7ABBZP ZK 2 2P English
The course F7ABBZP can be graded only after the course F7ABBAF2 has been successfully completed.
Garant předmětu:
Daniela Obitková
Richard Becke
Department of Health Care Disciplines and Population Protection

The main goal of the course is represented by continuous enlargement of anatomical, physiological and multi-disciplinary consequences in human health and disease. At the very beginning of the course the fundamentals of cell structure disorders and metabolic paths disturbances are provided to understand pathology of organ systems and complexity of disease origin and causes. The course provides a wide overview of morphological and functional conditions in pathology. The knowledge is then simply transformable to clinical and technical disciplines used in examination and health monitoring of the patients.

The Course Requirements:

The enrolment to the course is contingent on successful finishing of the course Anytomy and Physiology II.

Release and Results:

The students obtain basic outline of pathological processes in the human body. Their skills comprise definition of disease, comprehension and description of pathological changes in organs and body structure. The theoretical basis of the course is oriented to use in technical branches of biomedical engineering.


The exam is performed as written multiple-choice test.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Essentials of General Pathology I, (Circulation Disorders, Thromboembolic Disease,

and Shock

2. Essentials of General Pathology II, (Inflammation and Repair, Cellular Response to Stress)

3. Basic Examination Methods and Techniques in Pathology

4. Cancer Pathology and Pathophysiology

5. Pathology and Pathophysiology of Respiration

6. Pathology and Pathophysiology of Blood Circulation

7. Pathology and Pathophysiology Digestion

8. Pathology and Pathophysiology of Excretion

9. Pathology and Pathophysiology of Reproduction

10. Congenital Malformations and Selected Congenital Errors of Metabolism

11. Pathology and Pathophysiology of Muscle and Bone Structure

12. Pathology and Pathophysiology of Nervous System

13. Patho-biochemistry of Selected Metabolic Paths

14. Consultation

Syllabus of tutorials:

Without exercises.

Study Objective:
Study materials:

[1] SILBERNAGL, Stefan a Florian LANG. Color atlas of pathophysiology /: Stefan Silbernagl, Florian Lang. 3rd edition. Stuttgart: Thieme, 2016. Basic sciences. ISBN 978-3-13-116553-4.

[2] KUMAR, Vinay, ABBAS, Abul K. a Jon C. ASTER , Robins and Cumar Pathologic basis of disease. 9th edition. Elsevier Science, 2014. ISBN 9781455726134

Recommended literature:

[1] BLANN, Andrew D. a Nessar AHMED. Blood science: principles and pathology. Chichester: Wiley, 2013. ISBN 978-1-118-35146-8.

[2] MIERKE, Claudia Tanja. Physics of cancer. Bristol: IOP Publishing, 2015. IOP expanding physics. ISBN 978-0-7503-1135-9.

The course is a part of the following study plans:

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