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F7ABBEZP - Economics of Health Services

Important note No. 1:

Course will start on Tu 4. 4. 2023 at 14.00 in the room No. KL:B-137 in Kladno.

Code Completion Credits Range Language
F7ABBEZP KZ 2 1P+1C English
Garant předmětu:
Iva Batíková, Mikuláš Lichtenberg
Iva Batíková, Mikuláš Lichtenberg
Department of Biomedical Technology

Basic category of health care facility economics (hospitals, public and private health care facility) as: facility effectiveness, costs and income, financial management in health care, health care marketing etc. Specifics of health care facilities. Integral view of functioning of health care companies view on health care „company“. Development of knowledge and skills in the field of financial management tools.


Terms of graded credit:

Attendance min. 65% of the seminars, submission of work as required.

Rating: 100% (max 100 points) score of the best test from a three and correction during the oral examination for testing or to the delivery of the work.

Overall rating according to the grading scale A-F of the CTU.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Meaning - economics - philosophy and terminology. Role of the economy and its principles in the management of the company. Management and administration of health care. Comments and explanation of the selected areas - amortization , life , general price inflation , sales price, service , maintenance, evaluation , inspection , periodic inspection of the Act 123/2000 Coll . General characteristics of VAT. Subsidies for the purchase of fixed assets. Valuation of technological units , terms of reference , enter the technical specifications for tender . General characteristics of VAT. Subsidies for the purchase of fixed assets. Valuation of technological units , terms of reference , enter the technical specifications of the tender .

2. Analysis of the processes of maintenance services in relation to amortization.

Amortization curve , the actual price maintenance service. The purchase price of the technology , accounting rules ( procedures ) . Analysis of the environment and competition . Market Research . Goods knowledge - apparatus, invitation to tender, evaluation criteria, life technologies. Goods knowledge - consumables and spare parts, invitation to tender, evaluation criteria .

3. Subsidies for the purchase of fixed assets. Valuation of assets. The tax system in the Czech Republic and investment relationship . Project management as a tool for transparency within the investment. EDS / SMVS , state funding. Lending to investment in health care. Interest - including cash flow in operating activities in accordance with Czech accounting legislation and with international accounting standards and the standards of the EU.

4. Investments in health care and assessment. General Part - breakdown of fixed assets : Tangible fixed assets, intangible assets . Acquisition , depreciation and disposal of fixed assets - network diagrams, valuation phase , the life of the investment. Investments in health care and appreciation. Valuation of investment property: a) cost, b ) actual costs , c ) the replacement cost . Foreign exchange differences - the valuation of assets in foreign currencies. Project management , responsibility and authority , image manager. Awards phases restraint , the law on public procurement contracts . Risk analysis . Return on investment.

5. Schedule of maintenance , inspection, servicing , classification of medical devices , the Atomic Act . Financial and cost analysis . Data Analysis. Short-term and long-term investment planning strategy. Market research medical technology and attitudes

Law 123/2000Sb . Its application, built biomedical engineers, technicians , process definition - maintenance, service and awards. Attachments contracts , outsourcing , price calculation of the healing process , DRG .

6. Responsibility of engineers, doctors, nurses , etc. The cost analysis in the context of life Medical Devices . Deciding when tenders , the concept of utility value to the price appreciation maintenance , warranty , life -critical technology elements . Concepts and terminology of regular maintenance . Optimizing of the purchase of Medical Device and its accessories , optimization of treatment processes , the use of Medical Device.

7. The prices of medical equipment , MRI, CT, SPECT , breathing apparatus , monitoring, patient records , anesthesia apparatus, laboratory refrigerator, diesel generators , pumps , UPS, compressors , reverse charge ( new VAT ) credit.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Medical device assessment ( defibrillator , CT). Entering work I. Operating Rules device and its preparation - e.g. volume respirator.

2. Processing of the depreciation curve , consumables , maintenance assessment with respect to the depreciation curve - e.g. ambulance . Developing of a network graph , work assignment II .

3. Modeling of business meeting , psychology , self-confidence , aggressiveness , modesty , knowledge - purchasing of the ECG , defibrillator , dental kit . Investments - a practical exercise , the draft terms of payment for MR (device, technology , construction readiness ) restraint .

4. Preparation of the maintenance schedule (X-ray unit , defibrillator, etc. ). Development of the technical specifications for tender , assessment ( the operating table, electrosurgical generator arthroscope ) .

5. Assessment of the healing process. Teamwork - modeling , preparation of construction hospital surgical rooms, inflation , credit, specific costing, work with VAT. Calculation ZT service , maintenance and service assessment , modeling negotiations with health professionals , calculation of prices using the exchange rate differences.

6. Feature-based analysis for fault diagnosis , finding the critical elements (CT , EKG , drill ) . Modeling state of crisis , estimated price service, full service , outsourcing. Assessment of the tender, risks. Life of the investment Medical Device and valuation, design use. The defense of students works, credit/assessment .

7. Risk Management

Study Objective:

The subject should make students acquainted with the structure of medical establishment, ways of financing and essential principles of medical establishment economic government.

Study materials:

[1]Sherman Folland, Allen Goodman, Miron Stano: Economics of Health and Health Care, 5/E. Prentice Hall, 2007. 648 s.

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