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F7ADISPL - Specifics, Parameters and Limitations of Imaging Systems in Health Care

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F7ADISPL ZK 20P+8C English
Martin Rožánek (guarantor)
Martin Rožánek (guarantor)
Department of Biomedical Technology

Properties and parameters of imaging modalities that are commonly used in clinical practice and that have a direct impact on the usability of imaging methods in various types of examinations. The course covers computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound imaging and endoscopic imaging. The lectures will also include an overview of the necessary infrastructure, especially for CT and MRI. The exercise will focus on the study of the properties of reconstruction methods and on the objective evaluation of the quality of the acquired images.

Syllabus of lectures:

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Imaging systems in clinical practice.

2. Computed tomography (CT), the influence of device parameters on its use.

3. Reconstruction methods used in CT devices.

4.Magnetic resonance (MRI), instrument parameters, pulse sequences.

5.Parameters of experimental MRI. Limitations for clinical practice.

6. Impulse sequences MRI and use in clinical practice.

7. Ultrasound device and its use in clinical practice.

8. Endoscopic imaging systems.

9.Fusion of images from multiple imaging modalities, hybrid imaging systems.

10. Infrastructure and its specifics for individual imaging modalities.

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