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17AMBVOB - Fiber Optics for Biomedicine

Code Completion Credits Range Language
17AMBVOB KZ 2 2+0
Marie Pospíšilová (guarantor)
Marie Pospíšilová (guarantor)
Department of Natural Sciences

Optical fibre (OF), basic parameters of OF, condition of guide, attitude of geometry and wave optics, Maxwell equations, mode structure. Optical fibre elements, OF as displaying element. OF bundles, endoscope. Introduction to the OF sensors, Introduction to spectroscoppy fundamentals, intrinsic and extrinsic OF sensors, biosensors, Presentation of same cocrete OFsensor systems.


80% of attendance, PP presentation, Protocols from measurements, go through two tests and thereof credit test for more than 60 points. Credit test - 10 questions and examples each for max. 10 points from present courses (90 minutes)

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction - fibre optics, overview and application of optical fibres, limit parameters, fabrication of optical fibre

2.- 3.Optical fibres - basic relations and parameters, attitude of geometry and wave optics, Maxwell equations, mode structure - guide modes, guide condition, number of modes, type of modes, evanescent field, examples of calculations of some optical fibre parameters bres

4. Methods of measurements of optical fibre - introduction, refractive index profile, geometry, attenuation of optical fibres

5. - 6. Optical fibres in medicine and biology - optical fibre (OF) elements, (fibre bundles, conical fibres , fibre tapers, fibre gratings), displaying by OF, endoscope, OF probes, U-fibre, base principle of spectroscopy, examples of calculations to lectures

7. - 10. OF for optical fibre sensors (OFS) - intrinsic and extrinsic OFS, OFS in biology and medicine, detection of basic physical and chemical quantities, introduction to the biosensor

After each lecture the PP presentation will be given to the students

First examine test (cca. 15 min. - three questions) on the beginning of the fifth lecture

One lecture in December will be held to seminary „Optical fibre sensors“ - selection of some optical fibre sensor system on the 5th slides in PP presentation (two students)

En. Laboratory exercises in the three lectures in December - 1. Spectral measurement of OF attenuation by the method of two lengths, 2. Determination of the limit bend of OF, 3. Measurement of geometry of OF

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

1. To acquaint with the fundamentals of fibre optics in the attitude of geometry and wave optics including the base relations for calculations of important fibre parameters. 2. To obtain overview about the types of optical fibres and its parameters important for biology and medicine applications. 3. To obtain the fundamentals about optical fibre sensors and biosensors for biology and medicine applications. 4. To obtain the practical experiences with the optical fibre and its measurement within laboratory exercises.

Study materials:

1.D. Marcuse, „Principles of Optical Fiber Measurements“, New York, Academy Press (1980)

2.A. Méndez, T. F. Morse, „Speciality Optical Fibers Handbook“, Amsterodam, Boston, London, New York, Academic Press, Elsevier (2007)

3.M. Kaschke (Carl Zeiss AG), „Opical Systems - Aplications in Medical Technologies“ Lectures University of Karlsruhe, (2005)

4.U. Utzinger, R. R. Richards-Kortum: „Fiber Optic Probe for Medical Optical Spectroscopy“, University of Arizona, Tucson, (2001)

5.M. E. Bosch, A. J. Sánchez , F. S. Rojas , C. Bosch Ojeda , Review: Recent Development in Optical Fiber Biosensors, Sensors 2007, 7, 797-859 (

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