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17AMBJAA - English Language A

Code Completion Credits Range Language
17AMBJAA Z 3 0+4
Jitka Mariňáková (guarantor)
Department of Biomedical Technology

The aim of the subject is to extend the wordstock of students in the field of biomedical engineering and its terminology. The subject is primarily focused on the development of communicative and speaking skills.


Credits will be given for attendance ( 3 sick leaves), final written test ( at least 60% to pass),oral examination and presentation on Biomedical topic. Presentation should be on biomedical topic, please use a manual - How to make your presentation while you are preparing it. The manual is on the web page of the subject. Also the student who is giving the presentation prepares for his classmates a hand-out which they fill in during his presentation. The correctness is checked at the end of the presentation.Grammar packet.

Syllabus of lectures:

no lectures

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Introduction, Requirements, Materials

Czech Technical University

Revision of tenses

A good consultant, reading for general gist, A case study in longevity

2. Health and safety

Computer ergonomics, Electronic rubbish, Risks of using mobiles and in-car computers

Long life region found

3.Health and safety (continue),

Risk and hazards, Effects, Protective measures

Listening : Computer users

You are what you eat

4.Text: Multimedia

Reading: Robots

Additives and hyperactivity

5. Programming, progr.languages, Steps in writing a program

Specialist reading: Linux

Medicinal plants

6. Computers and work, New ways, new profiles

Reading: Computers make the world smaller and smarter

Alligator blood and antibiotics

7.ICT systems, Types of systems,devices and services

Meet Stan D. Ardman

8.Networks, LANs, WANs

Faces of the internet

Reducing Animal testing

9. Chatting and video conferencing,Nettiquette commandments

Internet security

Plankton, pums and carbon dioxide

10. E-commerce, Types of e-businesses

Online banking, Internet security

Malaria and GM Mosquitoes

11. Robots, Androids, AI

Intelligent homes, Assistive technology

GM crop

12. The Future trends,human centred technologies

Revising for final test

Music lessons improve the mind

13.Final test

14. Correction of final test, credits

Study Objective:


Study materials:

Lane, Sarah: Instant Academic Skills , Cambridge Univesity Press 2011

2006,Santiago Remacha Esteras, Elena Marco Fabre: Professional English in Use for Computers and the Internet CUP 2007,

Supplementary materials (onestopenglish, grammar) will be provided by the teacher according to the needs and proficiency of students.

The course is a part of the following study plans:

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Microsoft Office document icon Grammar packet187.5 KB

Microsoft Office document icon Schedule 1617 monday60 KB