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Systematic Integration of Processes in Health Service

Code Name
17AMSUIB Artificial Intelligence for Biosignal Processing
17AMSZDT1 Basic Diagnostic and Therapeutic Methods I
17AMSZDT2 Basic Diagnostic and Therapeutic Methods II
17AMSBST Biostatistics
17AMSBC Biosystem MAN
17AMSCIA Controlling and Internal Audit of Health Care Institutions
17AMSNKC Costs, Costing, Prices
17AMSEHG E-Health and E-Government
17AMSEK Economics
17AMSEZZ Economics in Health Care Institutions
17AMSZA Fundamentals of Anatomy
17AMSZUM Fundamentals of Critical Care Medicine and Integrated Rescue System
17AMSZPO Fundamentals of Law and Intellectual Property Rights Protection
17AMSZF Fundamentals of Pharmacology
17AMSSZP Health Care Systems and Health Insurance
17AMSHZTA Health Technology Assessment
17AMSHZT Health Technology Assessment
17AMSRLZA Human Resources Management
17AMSRLZ Human Resources Management, Proposals and Management of Projects and Processes
17AMSIKR Information from Clinical registers and Helth Care Information Sources
17AMSITZA Information Technology in Health Care
17AMSITZ Information Technology in Health Care
17AMSJIP Intensive Care Units&Mobile Health Care Units
17AMSMZZ Management of Health Care Institutions&Crisis Management
17AMSMKZ Marketing of Health Care Institutions
17AMSDP1 Master Thesis Project I.
17AMSDP2 Master Thesis Project II.
17AMSSDP1 Master Thesis Seminar I.
17AMSSDP2 Master Thesis Seminar II.
17AMSPMF Mathematics and Physics Survey
17AMSPLPT Medical Devices Survey
17AMSZMS Modelling and Simulation Fundamentals
17AMSOVZ Operations Research in Health Care
17AMSDEV Product Design and Ergonomics in Health Care
17AMSMIP Project management Informatics
17AMSUPS Psychology and Sociology Utilization in Practise
17AMSRKZ Quality Management in Health Care
17AMSJSH Quality, Reliability&Testing and Clinical Evaluation of Medical Devices
17AMSVKM Selected Chapters in Mathematics
17AMSOS Specialized Seminar
17AMSSZZ Strategy of Health Care Institutions
17AMSTVZ Technological Facilities in Health Care Institutions
17AMSTNO Toxicology and Ecotoxicology, Dangerous Materials and Waste Management ing Health Care
17AMSPIZ Work with Information Sources and Research Methodology