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Systematic Integration of Processes in Healthcare

Code Name
F7AMSRP Annual Project
F7AMSUPS Application of Psychology and Sociology in Practice
F7AMSBST Biostatistics
F7AMSBE Business English
F7AMSDEV Design and Ergonomics of Medical Devices
F7AMSRKD Development of Communication Skills
F7AMSDP Diploma Thesis
F7AMSSDP1 Diploma Thesis Seminar I.
F7AMSSDP2 Diploma Thesis Seminar II.
F7AMSEHG E-Health and E-Government
F7AMSEAZ Economic Analyses in Healthcare
F7AMSEMM Economic-mathematical Methods
F7AMSEK Economics
F7AMSEZZ Economy of Healthcare Facilities
F7AMSKAJ English Conversation
F7AMSZU Fundamentals of Accounting
F7AMSZMS Fundamentals of Modelling and Simulation
F7AMSHZT Health Technology Assessment
F7AMSMZT Health Technology Management
F7AMSZSVS Healthcare as Part of the Public Sector
F7AMSNIS Hospital Information Systems
F7AMSJIP Icus and Mobile Healthcare Units
F7AMSIP Individual Training
F7AMSIZZ Information Sources in Healthcare
F7AMSITZ Information Technology in Healthcare
F7AMSIZS Integrated Rescue System and the Disaster Medicine
F7AMSLKH Legislation in Healthcare and Clinical Evaluation
F7AMSRNZ Management of Costs in Healthcare
F7AMSRLZ Management of Human Resources
F7AMSMZZ Management of Medical Facilities
F7AMSMKZ Marketing and PR in Healthcare
F7AMSZSED Medical Systems and their Economic Dimension
F7AMSOVZ Operation Research in Healthcare
F7AMSPMF Overview of Mathematics and Physics
F7AMSPLPT Overview of Medical Devices
F7AMSOP Professional Training
F7AMSMIP Project Management
F7AMSVZ1 Public Healthcare I.
F7AMSVZ2 Public Healthcare II.
F7AMSRKZ Quality Management in Healthcare
F7AMSVKZP Selected Chapters from Medical Processes
F7AMSVKM Selected Chapters in Mathematics
F7AMSBSCD Statistical Methods in the Analysis of Clinical Studies
F7AMSSZZ Strategy of Healthcare Facilities
F7AMSTVZ Technical Equipment of Healthcare Facilities, their Infrastructure and Architecture
F7AMSMPR Use of Modern Technical Devices in Rehabilitation
F7AMSPIZ Work with Information Sources and Research Methodology