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Instruments and Methods for Biomedicine

Code Name
17AMPPBM Advanced Biomechanics
17AMPBFT Advanced Biophotonics
17AMPAIZ Applications of Ionizing Radiation
17AMPZMM Basics of Measurement and Simulation in Mechanics
17AMPBKM Biocompatible Materials
17AMPBLM Biological Membranes - Structure , Functions and Methods of Study
17AMPUPD Biomedical Data Storage and Presentation
17AMPBF Biophysics
17AMPBTR Biotransport
17AMPZDD Data Processing, Mining and Software Data Analysis
17AMPDP1 Diploma Thesis 1
17AMPDP2 Diploma Thesis 2
17AMPAEM Electromagnetic Field in Medicine
17AMPEL Electrotechnology
17AMPVOB Fibre Optics in Biology a Medicine
17AMPFSB Fluorescence Spectroscopy in Biology and Medicine
17AMPZBCH Fundamentals of Biochemistry and Clinical Analytical Methods
17AMPZAM Fundamentals of Applied Mathematics
17AMPGCG Genetics and Cytogenetics
17AMPOGV Geometric and Wave Optics
17AMPZAO Image Processing and Analysis
17AMPIBD Introduction to Immunology and to Cell Diagnostics
17AMPALM Laser Applications in Medicine
17AMPLT Laser Technology
17AMPHSA Mass Spectroscopy and its Application in Biomedicine
17AMPMSB Mathemetical Software for Biomedicine
17AMPMMM Microscopy in Medicine
17AMPMB Molecular Biology for Biomedical Engineering
17AMPNCM Nanoparticles and Nanomaterials - Properties and Biomedical Applications
17AMPAMF Nuclear and Molecular Physics
17AMPOOP Object - Oriented Programming
17AMPOEL Optoelectronics
17AMPOCH Organic Chemistry
17AMPPJ1 Project 1
17AMPPJ2 Project 2
17AMPRTD Radiation Therapy and Dosimetry
17AMPVMA Selected Chapters in Mathematics
17AMPVKF Selected Chapters in Physics
17AMPSDP1 Seminar to Diploma Thesis 1
17AMPSDP2 Seminar to Diploma Thesis 2
17AMPSP1 Seminar to Project 1
17AMPSP2 Seminar to Project 2
17AMPPLB Solid Substances for Biomedicine
17AMPTPN Technological Procedures in Nanotechnologies
17AMPTBH Thrombogenicity and Hemocompatibility
17AMPLMS Ultrafast Laser Methods in Optical Spectroscopy
17AMPTVP Vacuum Technology and Work with Gases