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17AMBSPT - Equipment for Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation


PDF icon 1. Introduction and course organisation (Winter sem. 2020/2021)184.35 KB
PDF icon 1. Ventilation, circulation and internal environment (Winter sem. 2020/2021)267.28 KB
PDF icon 1b. Blod Gas Analysis (Winter sem. 2020/2021)299.52 KB
PDF icon 2. Capnometry and capnography (Winter sem. 2020/2021)306.16 KB
PDF icon 3. Description and models of flow systems: Models of respiratory and circulatory system194.69 KB
PDF icon 4. Conventional mechanical ventilation (Winter sem. 2020/2021)218.88 KB
PDF icon 5. Unconventional Gas Exchange (Winter sem. 2020/2021)891.25 KB
PDF icon 6. Monitoring of Hemodynamics (Winter sem. 2020/2021)993.73 KB
PDF icon 7. Equipment for Anesthesia (Winter sem. 2020/2021)1.09 MB
PDF icon Elsharydah: Blood gas measurement1.79 MB
PDF icon Pilbeam: Arterial blood gas review680.38 KB
PDF icon Magee: Blood gas analysis1.86 MB
PDF icon Ligas: Respiratory Mechanics and Gas Exchange187.57 KB
PDF icon Knoper: Ventilatory Monitoring653.59 KB
PDF icon Tamul: Ventilators (Acute medical care)371.67 KB
PDF icon Lumb: Principles of measurement of compliance207.12 KB
PDF icon Lumb: Principles of measurement of respiratory resistance311.45 KB
PDF icon Lumb: Respiratory support and artificial ventilation740.29 KB
PDF icon D'Alessandro: Heart-lung machines675.79 KB
PDF icon Shaffer: Liquid ventilation377.49 KB
PDF icon Jensen: Meta-analysis of arterial oxygen saturation monitoring by pulse oximetry in adults111.36 KB
PDF icon Soubani: Noninvasive monitoring of oxygen and carbon dioxide55.77 KB
PDF icon Datex-Ohmeda S/5: Technical reference manual730.66 KB
PDF icon Datex-Ohmeda: Compact airway modules1.61 MB
PDF icon Loeb: Anesthesia machines4.38 MB
PDF icon Davis: Vaporizers2.33 MB
PDF icon Davis: Humidifications2.08 MB
PDF icon Nunn (1st ed.): Elastic resistance7.06 MB
PDF icon Nunn (1st ed.): Resistance to gas flow8.71 MB
PDF icon Chatburn: Fundamentals of Mechanical Ventilation4.37 MB
PDF icon Bunnell: High frequency ventilation1.47 MB
PDF icon White: What is ECMO?340.92 KB
PDF icon Mosier: ECMO (review)2.56 MB
PDF icon Donovan: Indicator dillution measurement of cardiac output671.75 KB
PDF icon Trautman: Thermodilution measurement of cardiac output946.65 KB

Lectures - link: 

Basics of Capnography (Hamilton Medical):

Mechanical Ventilation Explained Clearly (1/5):

Mechanical Ventilation Explained Clearly (2/5):

Mechanical Ventilation Explained Clearly (3/5):

Mechanical Ventilation Explained Clearly (4/5):

Mechanical Ventilation Explained Clearly (5/5):

High Frequency Ventilation:

ECMO: Educational Animation HD:

Introduction to Dual Circulations and Blood Mixing During Veno-Arterial ECMO:

An introduction to Anaesthesia:

Anesthesia Machine Fundamentals:

Total intravenous anesthesia (TIVA): Available from: and therapies/pain therapy/total intravenous anesthesia TIVA.html#

Exercises - link: 

File Topics of the final exam (2020/2021)16.23 KB

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