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17AMBOP - Practical Training Placement (Faculty Hospital in Motol)

31.3.2020 - distance learning instructions No. 1, because of the situation and contactless teaching, there was prepared information about completion and classification of this subject. You are registered to the course "B192-17ABBPMP2A - Devices, Methods and Procedures in Clinical Practise II" in Moodle. To login to Moodle use this link: and your standard credentials. You will write two online tests - in Moodle - from each you can get 50 points (total 100 points), your classification will be made as a sum of your both results. The first test will be on Wednesday 15th of April, it will be from lessons you had in our hospital - presentations you can find below as ZIP file (section Others). As the basis for the second test, you will get more comprehensive presentations and in case of your additional questions, you can write email. The term of the second test will be in May. You will receive all presentations until 9th of April.

1.4.2020 - distance learning instructions No. 2, ZIP file with presentations - 1st part (please, see section Others below)