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17ABBBUI - Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation

Code Completion Credits Range Language
17ABBBUI KZ 2 2+0
Jana Hudzietzová
Jana Hudzietzová
Department of Health Care Disciplines and Population Protection

The lectures will give an overview of basic radiation biology. Students will become familiar with the biological effects of ionizing radiation: the physical and chemical processes by which radiation causes damage to the biological material; mechanisms of radiation action on the DNA and other constituents of the cell; types of damage and their repair; subcellular and cellular sensitivity and radiation response; physical, chemical and biological modifiers of radiation action; theories and models of cellular survival; and radiation biology of normal and neoplastic tissues.


classified credit:

demonstration of the knowledge mastered by a written test, 80 % success rate.

Oral examination on the basis of the decision field supervisor.

note: the interval between testing and the outcome in due time or the corrective terms must be at least seven days.

Syllabus of lectures:

1st Week - Construction of a cell. DNA. Cell cycle.

2nd week - DNA repair processes. Chromosomal aberrations.

3rd week - Radiobiology definitions and units of physical processes occurring in the absorption of radiation, absorption mechanisms, methods of radiation detection.

4th Week - Dosimetry.

5th Week - Effects of ionizing radiation on the level of cells and tissues.

6th Week - Biodozimetrie.

7th week - The clinical radiobiology. Effects of radiation on the embryo and fetus, hereditary effects, late effects of ionizing radiation.

8th Week - Acute and chronic radiation sickness.

9th Week - Radiomodulátory. Interaction of radiation with chemicals.

10th Week - Introduction to radiation protection.

11th Week - Nuclear Energy.

12th week - Terrorism, the possibility of misuse of nuclear weapons

13th Week - Introduction to radiotherapy.

14th week - Free topic

Note - The order of presentations may change, students will be informed.

Syllabus of tutorials:


Study Objective:

12th week - terrorism, the possibility of misuse of nuclear weaponsf cell, tissue, full body. Fundamentals of pathology and diagnosis of radiation sickness, pre-medical assistance.Basics of radiation protection. Non-ionizing radiation.

Study materials:

1. HALL, Eric J. a Amato J. GIACCIA. Radiobiology for the radiologist. 7th ed. Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer :Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2012.

2. STEEL, G. Gordon., ed. Basic clinical radiobiology. 3rd ed. London: Arnold, 2002.

The course is a part of the following study plans: