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17ABBA3A - English Language IIIA (part 1)

Code Completion Credits Range Language
17ABBA3A KZ 2 2S English
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Department of Biomedical Technology

The aim of the course is to increase students' language competence in academic English and professional vocabulary, along with common communication skills - writing summaries, preparing presentations for meetings.

Students should be able to work actively with academic text, understand and be able to use basic terminology, be aware of the different stylistic levels of English and the associated syntactic and lexical devices.


Credits will be given for : final written test ( at least 60 percent to pass) , presentation ( on the topic of choice, 10 mins long plus worksheet ). attendance

Syllabus of lectures:

no lectures

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Introduction


3. Long life gene region found

4.You are what you eat

5. Additives and hyperactivity

6.Medicinal plants

7.Alligator blood and antibiotics

8.Reducing animal testing

9. Meet Stan D. Ardman

10.Plankton, pumps and carbon dioxide

11.Malarian and GM mosquitoes

12. GM crop contamination

13. Test

14 Assessment

Study Objective:


Study materials:

[1] Instant Academic Skills, Lane Sarah, Cambridge University Press 2011

[2] English for Biomedical Professionals, Roubík Karel, CVUT 2005

[3] Materials provided by the teacher

The teacher has the right to change and add materials.

The course is a part of the following study plans:

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PDF icon Discussion topics2.22 MB

Office presentation icon How to make a good presentation365 KB